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Service Tech strives to bring the Best Mobile & Laptop Repair Service experience to IT Employees, students, professionals, entrepreneurs and consumers in Bangalore and Delhi. Service Tech welcomes your feedback on our services and experience, which will help us in improvising our services for you and others.
upto Rs. 500 Every Week!!

Provide a Complete Feedback & Review us for a chance to win exciting prizes.
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  • We will not pass on your personal details to any other organisation.
  • Only genuine, complete & personal reviews are eligible.
  • Junk, abusive, copied and promotional content - not acceptable.
  • Winners will be selected randomly by our system.
  • By entering, you confirm that your review is for a genuine service experience received from Service Tech, within the last 7 days on a valid bill.
  • No cash alternative or alternative prize is available.
  • Use of false name or address, e.g. a name by which the entrant is not usually known, will disqualify them from receiving any prize.
  • Service Tech will not be liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in this competition.
  • Service Tech's Management decision is final on any dispute or collision of interests.
  • The gift card will be given through SMS, Email or Social Media. If not reverted within 24 hours, Service Tech can transfer the gift card to 2nd randomly selected person through system.
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Previous Winners

Review 0A
Maria Guerra
Winner August 1st Week
Review 0B
Megan Star
Winner August 2nd Week
Review 0C
Peter Swar
Winner August 3rd Week
Review 0D
Nathalie Brown
Winner September 1st Week
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