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OnePlus 5t Screen Replacement            

Best OnePlus 5t Screen replacement service center in Bangalore.

If your OnePlus 5T has the screen cracked, front glass broken or the display problems, vertical lines on the screen, problem with the touch functionality, don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

The damage usually happens when you drop your OnePlus 5T phone, bend it, drop it to the water or try to replace the screen without experience and professional tools. we repair your phone in our Store, using our own professional equipment. The repair process is the same as OnePlus performs in their repair centres. Parts which we use are OnePlus original, the highest quality available on the market. Even the fitting adhesive is the same which they use when assembling their phones!

Front glass is the outer layer of the screen protecting it and making the inner display stronger. The Optic Amoled screen is right under the front glass and it is the actual display plus the touch input (digitizer). Your phone can still work with broken front glass but if the screen is broken, it may not register the touch, show vertical lines on the display or may not show anything at all.

The screen of OnePlus 5T has been made in high precision technology that makes it nearly impossible to replace just the front glass. Trying to separate them breaks the screen very easily. It has not been made to replace any parts of it, when you damage any part of the screen, the whole front display assembly needs to be changed (front glass, touch screen, display).

Our technicians will repair your phone while you wait. In most cases the repair doesn’t take longer than 2 hours including testing your OnePlus 5T phone after repair. We value the precious time of our customer. We try our best to give you back your repaired phone as quick as possible. Your OnePlus 5T will be carefully tested after repair. The test includes the new screen fitting, display brightness, dead pixels or dark spots, touch screen but also, we confirm other functions to work properly

Display and Digitizer Replacement
OnePlus 5t Screen Replacement

OnePlus 5t Display Assembly Replacement. Get your screen replaced from Service Tech at best price

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