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Apple has dependably showcased itself as a top-notch brand, yet the innovation mammoth is stretching the limits significantly further with its most recent lead, the iPhone X, setting the value point for all intents and purposes at the four-figure mark. At Rs 70000 before expense for the passage level 64GB model, we can practically all make a deal to avoid dwelling on silly trifles about the additional buck.

Costly Repair Price at Apple

That extravagance estimating persists into iPhone X fix, too – a broke iPhone X screen at Apple will set you back Rs 19530, and some other out-of-guarantee fix costs a tragic Rs 38430.

It’s a lofty cost to pay for a truly amazing gadget – the boundlessness show is glorious, the double cameras are crisper than on any former iPhone, and the processor is so quick, there’s no other existing programming that can give it a keep running for its cash.

However, as is commonly said, “stuff” occurs. And keeping in mind that we’re all as yet getting a charge out of the special first night stage with Apple’s most costly gadget ever, mishaps can happen – as prove by the way that a standout amongst the most as often as possible entered Google seek terms is “iPhone X repair near me.”

On the off chance that you believe it’s a little prospective managing a broken iPhone X screen, at any rate you can breathe easy because of the way that you’re not the only one. All things considered, at a fantastic out the entryway, would you truly like to pay the greater part of that again on the off chance that you some way or another drop and break your excellent gadget?

There’s dependably the likelihood that your curious nephew could some way or another drop it into the can. Luckily, Service Tech can enable you to enjoy a quality lifestyle, at a small amount of the expense of the others searching for “iPhone X repair near me.”

Quick and best Repair with Service Tech Presently, in 3 cities around the nation and looking forward to expand services in more cities, Service Tech is fixing split iPhone X screens for essentially not exactly at the Apple Store – and sparing individuals gas cash and time squandered remaining in line, since we convey the service to you. We’re glad to extend our services to incorporate iPhone X repair – we’ve been repairing water damage, broke iPhone screens, earphone jacks, and all other way of iPhone issues for a considerable length of time, located in Bangalore.

Also, obviously, with our iPhone X repair comes with our 6 months warranty on parts replacement, so in case you’re disappointed in any capacity, we’ll come repair again it, for nothing out of pocket.

How might you begin?

Service Tech iPhone 8 and iPhone X Repair In case you’re searching for iPhone X repair near near me (close you), book a meeting with a confirmed Service Tech expert on the web – it’s as basic as booking a schedule meeting, picking your area (we’ll meet you practically anyplace!) and telling us what you need fixed.

Who said doorstep service needed to come at a top notch cost? Click here to get 500 off on your first repair with us.


There’s no debating that for all intents and purposes everybody cherishes the iPhone X – and there’s bounty to adore, with its edge-to-edge no-bezel OLED screen, razor-quick processor, and double wide-point cameras. 

It’s a top-notch gadget, with an exceptional sticker price – Apple was the first in an ongoing deluge of cell phone makers to have the moxie to push the sticker cost into four-figure territory. Also, the expense of iPhone X screen fix is essentially similar, too. 

While a year after the lead’s underlying discharge, the stun of the 91,900-beginning cost may wear off, iPhone X screen replacement are getting an altogether new surprise in the form of the 26000 they need to shell out at Apple for that new OLED screen. 

So customers have options to take insurance for the screen repair from some insurance service provider – fork over up to 10000 in advance, basically wagering that you’ll end up with a broke iPhone X screen at any rate once (twice, on the off chance that you truly need to get the greatest value for your money), or hold out in the expectations that you’ll never break your screen and pay 20000. 

Low Quality Screen Replacement Can Cost You More Eventually

Naturally, customers who are searching for iPhone X screen replacement are currently looking to a third alternative – an assortment of reseller’s exchange iPhone X screens that have as of late turned out to be accessible. 

In any case, regardless of whether iPhone X customers are purchasing the spending replacement screens themselves or swinging to cut-rate fix stores for a shabby fix, there is one thing that they must recollect: you get what you pay for. 

According to an ongoing Mobile Defenders report, the secondary selling screens accompanied an entire slew of issues. customers going the secondary selling course basically penance a touch of picture quality. 

At the point when Mobile Defenders tried them, the secondary selling screens ran hot, didn’t fit right, had a ruddy tint when taken a gander at from the side, and blew through battery life way more rapidly than the higher quality screens. To top it all off, the touchscreen usefulness was extremely traded off. 

By the day’s end, specialists state that if something sounds pipe dream, it most likely is. 

Service Tech Offers Best iPhone Screen Replacement

In case you’re not prepared to stick an inconsistent screen onto the iPhone you cherish so much, yet at the same time would prefer not to use up every last cent on a costly Apple replacement, you can seek Service Tech for all your iPhone X screen fix needs. Every one of our parts and services are upheld by our 6 months warranty, and our technicians are highly skilled for the job.

Book an appointment with Service Tech today and one of our technicians will visit you at the time and place of your choice – and have your phone looking good as new before you know it! Click here to get 500 off for your first service with us.


12 September 2017 was a big day for Apple & every apple fan & enthusiast. It was 10th anniversary of iPhone & Apple launched iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten) with iPhone 8 & 8 Plus at Steve Jobs Theater, at Apple’s brand-new Apple Park campus. While many media houses were (again) on fire as if Apple launched something completely different from Market that is not the truth.

What iPhone X is?

It is a new iPhone with 5.8″ edge-to-edge OLED screen & XBOX Kinect style front camera. Yes, that’s it. Apart from it, the deals are as usual as every year. Better camera, better processor, better iOS upgrade.

Now talking about ground breaking technology introduced by Apple. Face ID is a technology which sees your face & unlock your device & even unlock other services & apps too. Such technology is available is already available with XBOX Kinect from 2010. Microsoft then released it in 2015 as Windows Hello with Windows 10 Update where devices like Mobiles, Desktops & Laptops, Convertibles, Xbox, Surface Hubs & more can scan your face & provide top notch security.

The screen is also can be compared with Samsung’s Galaxy 8 Series Infinity Screen, LG’s V30 & Xiaomi Mi Mix. Huawei & other companies are already working for edge-less screens.

But iPhone X screen is different than others named. The top notch which has all the front camera sensors in not hidden. Whenever you will access your screen, it will be there, by side making your experience grosser. Many games & apps will simply have a section missing thanks to new display.

No headphone jack, USB-C, Touch ID is still something people miss. Even for fast charging you need to pay extra for the cable which is a big downside for premium users. Apple also introduced Animoji which I don’t think people will frequently use after quick tests.

But is iPhone all that bad? Not exactly. So lets talk on that by keeping iPhone 8 is comparison.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

With iPhone X, iPhone 8 also got released with its Plus version. All these have durable All-Glass body which allows wireless Qi-charging possible.

They all have the same A11 Bionic processor. All are splash, water & dust resistant. They have 12MP camera with difference is iPhone 8 has telephoto ƒ/2.8 aperture & iPhone X has ƒ/2.4 aperture. All record 4K, 1080p & 720p at 60/30/24 FPS with OIS. Front camera is 7 MP with portrait lighting feature. All are available in 64 GB & 256 GB variant.

The only differences between 8 & X is, screen. While iPhone 8 has Retina HD Display (1920×1080 for 8 Plus) & X has (2436×1125).Also iPhone 8 rely on Touch ID for Authentication while iPhone X provide it with Face ID as discussed before.

So it can be said that iPhone X doesn’t provide anything extraordinary special in feature contrast with iPhone 8 for now. But as per the price point it is not a close deal:


iPhone 8 Price is India

64 GB – ₹ 64,000

256 GB – ₹ 77,000

iPhone 8 Plus Price is India

64 GB – ₹ 73,000

256 GB – ₹ 86,000

iPhone X Price is India

64 GB – ₹ 89,000

256 GB – ₹ 1,02,000

Is it for you?

This is a subjective question, as it really depends on one’s requirement & budget. If you already rocking with an iPhone 7 then there is no much profit gap for you. You can still wait till next year for iPhone S series & iOS 12 update. iPhone 7 is still a good phone if you just want to enjoy the stability of iOS & other iPhone features. Enthusiasts who can really afford to burn money or developers who can really make use of new features are strongly advised to go for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. Although I can’t recommend iPhone X to anyone. At least not now. Reason? Because there will be always some problem with new tech at Apple. Whether it is iPhone 4s, iPhone 6 or any other new hardware Apple released. So unless you have 1 Lakh sitting around & you are really feeling wild, it is not worth to go for it. Hopefully, we will see much more innovative products from Apple in coming future.

Moreover for any kind of diagnosis, repair, replacement, fast fixing your iPhone or iPad, contact Service Tech – More Life to Your Device, & our Tango will help you in keeping your device just like new.

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